ovid created distance, time, and space for the people of the world. Diana Al Hadid, a Brooklyn biased artist, found herself away from her studio for the longest consecutive time in her life

This distance constructed a frame of mind where things were stressful but not moving too fast. With no big decision and no pressure allowed for big decisions to be made. The ‘lab’ is a place for her to have choices on the decisions she must make, to be intuitive, and meditate with her work. The studio makes space for the nagging voice to come out because being an artist in New York is cramped and stressful.

It’s a tough time to be anything right now. Covid is effecting all of the work in the world. The human mind needs to find creative solutions and loves to solve problems. Humans are conditioned to problem solve in the large scale and small scale. Quarantine gave the human collective a powerful opportunity to just think.

“Try not to put too much pressure on yourself to achieve, it will come when the time is right”

The Grotto, 2017-2018, Polymer gypsum, fiberglass, steel, plaster, pigment, 165x435 in, 419.1x1104.9 cm

Al Hadid advised to use this time to create all the conceptual art work you can make so to create a solid foundation. This foundation as a young artist will be used as a collection of staring where inspiration can come from. Art can be made out of everything. As a young artist today no one is watching this up and coming generation. Through accepting certain things about yourself and to stop working against your urge to create will you find the way to create from within.  As we are limited in means and money, yet there are unlimited amounts of time. Time is very elastic which allows for one to make the work that does not feel like your work. A varied body of work will create a wider casted net to create work both good and really bad.

To nourish your creative energy, Al Hadid stated, 

“work very slowly and gather influence so that you erupt with passion and cut the limbs off old pieces.”

Al Hadid knows her materials very well through her dedicated patience, and engineering-like mind. By working from an intuitive sense of what a material is best, rather than using off the shelf products, Al Hadid manipulates the manufactures goal and traditional products use. If her delicate appearing structures are not created properly it will break, but she is never upset when something breaks because she has developed an intuition about her work and practice. Claiming to not have slept for 10 years due to her dedication to creating. With more work created, an artist can learn to not feel paralyzed by the mind numbing nothingness.  Every creative decision creates 10 new curiosities.

By Cover of Night, 2019, Polymer gypsum, fiberglass, steel, plaster, pigment, cement, bronze