meme is any kind of idea or expression that mutates as it goes through society. Being effected by all cultures, memes have developed from an unknown source, but belong to everyone.

Keith Allyn Spencer findings influence from other artist, the evolution of his paintings, and of course his daily life. He describes his unique casual process of displaying his art steams from creative extension. By photographing and producing videos surrounding his paintings his strange candid documentation of his art breaks down the elite rules and regulations of art. Through his website he allows his art to take on a new life.

Living Every Dream, oil on wood panels. Size: XS. 2020

Color is a big part of his work. This is connected to his fun loving spirt that can be seen in the goofiness of his titles and in the construction of his works. His children and wife are huge motivators behind his process. He confesses to having anxieties surrounding not spending enough time in the studio, and guilty when separating his art and his kids so he brings them together. Through conversations with his wife was he able to find his ground breaking idea of painting cars onto car cover that were then place on a car and photographed. Art. Spencer advises to hold on to the old stuff you hate because when you reflect back inspiration if found through retrospection of your past self.

The youthfulness seen within Spencer’s work, process, and presentation of his art is due to his mindset of the art making world. The pressure to make and produce art has a direct connection to selling and making money off the work. Through his job as a professor, Spencer has found the ability to make work in a way that he can present to the public freely. Spencer describes being a teacher has turned him into a lifelong learner and a sharp comedian.

“My years of making art has allowed me to embrace the unexpected, to be creative beyond the painting, and with the ability to abandon everything”

Pre-Madonna, plastic table covers, magnets, magnet props. Size: M. 1999.

The practice is never ending. It is called artwork because you must work at it and conduct the constant search to find your voice in any creative endeavor. By breaking away from the existing standards of art, Spencer advises to not wait for things to happen and to just go for it. By exploring freely your practice can be liberated. Success of an artist is undefined and ever changing. It is not worth the anxiety of worrying about making art rather to just focus on making something interesting. Spencer left our class with, 

“if you find the person you love don’t let them go there is more to life than making art.”