here are no found objects in the making of this art, yet every piece is drawn from the collective history. Leonardo Drew relates himself to a sponge which absorbs the metaphysical of what he is seeing and feeling. Metaphysics philosophically examines the 

fundamental nature of reality, including the relationship between mind and matter, substance and attribute, and potentiality and actuality.

His work is created to act as a mirror you will find yourself in. Drew’s wants people to share the ideas that come to them about his art rather than giving an explanation of the art himself. Information is like an Aetna and people can find the information they desire in the art. The viewer is the receiver of information through the color, size, and other visuals gathered from Drew’s sculptures.

 The idea behind the human collective is the shared experience of all. The cycle of birth, fight, death, rebirth. We are a part of a larger story and for Drew his art is designed to describe that story.

“Do not implant your ego within a work… an artist has to instigate messages into their work”


With his first show at age 13, Drew became addicted to making art. From birth he claims to have had his voice, but has learned how to constantly reinvent and challenge himself. To give up facility as a crutch and find another way to create. By moving past drawing and painting Drew was able to be find who he is today. Drew’s career was constantly tested by his mother, as she was the obstacle to deter him from creating.

“The gift of giving, to give is to receive is the construct, to want to give is to unravel the evil”

Leonardo Drew, Number 130,2009, Wood and mixed media, 134 x132 x20.75 inches

By understanding the value of each moment is how we are meant to live. When the urge to create comes in allow yourself to be presented in the moment and then what is within will purely come out. Covid has sent many people inward. Inside their home and inside themselves. This isolation has opened the door for an inward journey to comprehend the physical and metaphysical effects our individualized experiences have shaped our path in life. The journey within ourselves is endless is because it is not about you, as an individual, it is about the human collective, as one.  Our history is a huge data base that connects us all through our lineage, beliefs, traumas, and experiences that mirror all that is around us. Humans are resilient we don’t have much of a choice other than to pull through.