s ART+COM balances the technological with the artist as a newer type of creativity is formed. The use of technology as an artistic medium of expression allows for the capability of art to 

become an interactive communication of complex information. Jussi Angesleva joined ART+COM when there was around 20 people. Founded by artists, hackers, and engineers to explore the new media in 1989.  With access to high end computing, technological services that mirror contemporary services where able to be created. TerraVision, 1994, put to use mapping data that resembles the modern technological services Google Earth, 2011, provides through streaming. 

 “we are not in the business of creating and selling our created projects”

This is the separation of mass production versus experimental design. It speaks to the struggle of new media, after existing for so long when does it become old?  For ART+COM there must be a good story to tell to make the technological design worth it. The screen and device can only communicate the service, but the artist must construct a layer to become the storyteller.

RGB|CMY Kinetic 2015 – with ART+COM

Jussi enjoys science and design mixtures. One project desired a technological application to bring photo realistic models of the human ancestors to life. The story was to tell the viewer the history of the human by placing the 3D modeled ancestors into a snapshot history setting. Bringing these models ‘to life’ would cause a problem due to the knowledge people are afraid of humanoid robots. The creepy uncanny humanness when attempting to simulate motion would have to be taken out of the story and replaced with an annotation of the characters in a slice of time. This freeze frame allowed ART+COM to tell a complex story in a single frame.

“When the proper translation is needed low tech things sometimes work very well”

The innovation of technology can construct or deconstruct a story. An element to storytelling which cannot be ignored is constructing a shared experience versus individual emersion. ART+COM finds its success in having works with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds. As Jussi describes himself as a jack of all trades which is the glue that upholds the professionals within one specialty to progress the work further.

From his experiences Jussi advises that you keep connections by continuously talking to people, students, faculty and mentors. By adhering to what drives you is most likely more sustainable than what you think should be driving you. By following your heart and what you truly like will you naturally develop transferable skills. When actions are done out of love there is a tangible element of passion that is noticed by the audience of your life.