ew York City is one of the art capitals of the world, but there is no denying is that there is art found in every corner of the world. In the city of Philadelphia, an hour and forty-five minutes away from New York,

 has a smaller art scene that is unique to the city, its people, and its history.  Matt Suib and Nadia Hironaka provided their confession of to the art scene in Philadelphia. At the time they started making art in the city of Brotherly Love they were the only ones making video art. The couple currently works together in most of their artistic endeavors, but at the beginning of their careers they were in competition. Their journey of working together started in 2008. The key to working together is communication.

“As young students we were building our confidence, which involved budding egos.”

Post-Perceptual Exercise #3 (Soul Mates) 2015, HD video with sound, 3:35

 Artistic sessions would be short lived lasting one hour before a break would be needed. The artist process must be talked about initially before beginning to work together. The division of work in the beginning is where troubles are found. The couple stated that there are a lot of benefits of working together as Matt is more technical and Nadia is more artistic in her love for editing sound.

Working together involves being grounded throughout all artistic endeavors. As partners in art as well as in life their relationship involves trusting each other’s judgment.  Being open-minded to critiques allows for one to understand all angles, but if one feels strongly about an idea its talk about. To work together partners must trust each other enough to hear the hard truths.

The couples also partners with the city of Philadelphia to create work for the public to see. Matt Suib and Nadia Hironaka enjoy working in the public realm because, “anyone can fall into seeing the work.” 

In their project Ghosts of the Philadelphia Industry, Gay and female lovers of Philly where projected on the walls of an elevated rail way out of commission. The dirty walls, ghostly projections, and use of a fog machine created a grimy and gritty atmosphere.

All partnership involves a balance of independent thinking and collaboration. Decisions are made after jotting down ideas in journals and discussing ideas together. 

“There is so much that must occur before going into the studio to work.”