ictoria Fu uses the screen as a theme within her body of work. Fu plays with the screen space and the physical space in which she desires the viewer to explore. Fu studies the concept of Screenology. 

Apart from the image and the advancements of technology screens have existed for a long time. Screens can be found in front of the fireplace and other surfaces to handle, hold, hide, and reveal at the same time. With the use of projectors and hanging curtains, Fu personifies her images and videos. This nod to an image’s presence questions if an image can be 3D and does images have a backside or a shadow?

Using the screen as an apparatus to present her work Fu explores the difference between film and art. Fu has found that the separation of these two art forms is the context surrounding the presence of the film or art. With the multiple screens Fu plays with laws of perspective to disrupt the viewer’s space creating the possibility of watching ourselves watch.

Still from Televoix, Sept. 21, 2017

As the image and screen culture changes our relationships, freedoms, behaviors, and how we spectate things. Between the choice of vertical or horizontal presentation the discrepancies which can be presented are endless. The stereotypical screen space is presented differently dependent on the space of a black box theater vs the white cube of the gallery. This space continues the play on how the viewer position themselves in relation of the work and Fu’s questions of space.

Due to Covid Fu has not been motivated to work let alone to work on a the virtual screen which has plagued our world since March. 

“masks are a screen for the face”

This realization launched her newest exhibition using aprons as a sort of screen. Her continual play with space, found stock clips, rendered prospective, and pixelated water marked imagery printed upon the aprons.

How this new type of work was birthed out of a change in scenery and narrative of the world Fu advises the more extreme situations provided more to gain. 

“you fail then abandon work, but you will make it through and maybe you will make better work then you expected”