tereotypical New York City red stone apartment building up above the full green wall mundane exterior of the great James Fuentes gallery resides. Once done signing in the guest book you 

feel elite and accomplished. The current artist being displayed is Kegan Monahan her second appearance after Fuentes picked her up from a suggestion by another lower east side gallery. Monahan, 30, is considered getting started after her appearance in the Whitney biannual. Lower East side allowed the gallery to break away from the “Cookie Cutter Chelsea” at the start 14 years ago. Today, the New Museum notifying this area as the area, but now the new vibe is in Tribeca.

Alex Dodge, Installation at Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery, 2020

James Fuentes, owner of the James Fuentes Gallery, launched an online platform in May. It was the perfect timing for Covid regulations and mass closings. Online is deemed too cheesie simply because it is not as cool due to its generality and not as focused on exhibitions. Online opens doors for backseat shows to be sold online because they may not have paid for rent. This allows for an expansion of the gallery without buying new locations.

Is it possible for VR galleries to be the future? Fuentes states, “a physical space counts to create a reciprocal benefit” and is a necessary asset to the gallery.  

"A clean slate with no plan allows you to dream as big as you want to dream"

The art world has grown largely in the past 20 years due to advancements to the internet and connective technologies. Today you can see shows you never would have had the capabilities before, expanding where you can see art.

As Covid has shorten the period of time till the 4th industrial revolution focused on Artificial intelligence will open even more door for the art world. The only way for galleries to expand is if there is a deconstruction of elitism motif that is hunting the art sphere.

Threads, 2020. Oil on canvas. 60 × 72 inches, 61 ⅝ × 73 ⅜ inches (framed)

Money and location are the limiting factors of the gallery business, but Covid will change this. As the internet’s usage and technologies advance in ways never before seen may doors will open for gallerist and artist worldwide. Fuentes describes the need for an encyclopedic knowledge of all that is out there in the art world and for it to be developed in a physical way. By using this advice and placing it in today’s standards to prepare for the next 20 years physically knowing will be equivalent to virtually knowing. Today people become informed through virtually obtaining knowledge with the light conversation with a friend.

The internet will break down the elitism of the art market! Art should reach all places because it comes from within all of us. 

Installation view "Threads", James Fuentes, 2020