he smaller galleries of the Lower East Side provide a micro understanding to the macro art world that engulfs the city. The exterior of the galleries 

look mundane and may be bypassed by individuals walking in the street unknowingly. This is a tactic used by galleries to seem mysterious or elite. Especially in the contemporary times surrounding Covid regulations the unwelcoming exterior resonates with the need to schedule an appointment to explore the insides of galleries. If individuals are new to the gallery world, and do not know about the critically exclaimed Seesaw application for ios, then the veil will forever hang over these indiviuals if not forever at least until Covid has diminished. 

If one is able to muster up enough courage to enter the curtain draw gallery entrance, when welcomed through the large jawing doors the viewer will find a table with a line up of a take away post card, artist bio, and other information about the gallery. Finally an understanding to what is going on!


Each gallery space is uniquely situated with white walls surrounded by individualized architecture dependent on the old New York City building’s feel. The space is created to be exhibition focused. The purpose of the white walls is to continue with the motif of the very mundane elements of the gallery’s mysterious exterior. The colors included on the walls, flooring, windows, and other architectural elements keep the art the main focus in the viewer’s eye. Curators of the gallery pay attention to how the work plays in the space within the gallery. With guidance from the artist the art is situated to create the best visual application within the gallery space. Ultimately every work needs curation. The curator is able to recognize what kind of work the art is and what kind of space the art need to be represented in and how.

Artists are only selected through recommendations. It is taboo for an artist to walk into a gallery with their portfolio in hand and passion in their heart. Just like every profession in the world, the art world is about networking, connections, and who you know. Artists must have previous exposure before ever being excepted by a gallery.


“It’s not about great art, whatever that means, but doing as much as you can with all different people.”

Young artists are advised to never reach out to the gallery. The key to getting in to the gallery world is either to find a job with in a gallery, make friends with in the gallery and art world setting. With the current situation and the force to work from home an artist must pour their resources into the construction of their digital presence to make a living in these contemporary times. 

Right now breaking into the gallery world may be at a halt, but never give up! With the prevalence of outside gallery viewings, phone applications, and digital viewing anything is possible! Right?